Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery are key elements of data security. When a breach occurs, recovering mission-critical data and systems is essential. ProActive offers our clients best-in-breed backup and recovery tools from a variety of technology providers.

Learn about our data resiliency solutions which are designed to provide backup and recovery, replication, and disaster recovery protection for your mission-critical data.

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Gain Peace of Mind

Experiencing a breach is something every business must prepare for. Companies need a way to get files back after an accident or a breach. Having a reliable backup and recovery strategy in place gives organizations peace of mind that they will be prepared if they lose vital data due to human error or a cyberattack.

Recovering From a Cyberattack

Ransomware attacks have become one of the most popular attack vectors for cybercriminals. Hackers use phishing emails to encrypt files and then demand a ransom in the form of cryptocurrency in return for the decryption key.

If your business suffers a ransomware attack, it needs backup and recovery to restore encrypted files. Ransomware attacks sometimes delete on-site backup files, making them irrecoverable. ProActive offers cloud backup and recovery as an option that provides both off-site recovery and instant failover.

Meeting Recovery Goals

After an accident or a breach, companies need to recover as much data as they can, as quickly as they can, to preserve business continuity. ProActive can deliver ideal recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs). We will work with your company to develop a backup and recovery strategy that meets your recovery goals and requirements.

Backup and Recovery Partners

ProActive gives our clients the option to develop multi-vendor backup and recovery strategies. We partner with leading technology companies in the data protection and security space. Our backup and recovery partners include Veeam, VMware, Cohesity, Rubrik, Dell EMC, and IBM.

Data Resiliency Solutions

ProActive Solutions partners with the providers of best-in-breed data resiliency solutions. Our backup, recovery, and replication solutions are ranked at the top by both Gartner and Forrester. We offer our customers the choice of Commvault, Veeam, Rubrik, Veritas, and Cohesity for backup, recovery, and disaster recovery solutions.

Download the Data Resiliency Sell Sheet

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