What’s in a Name?

At ProActive Solutions, our name means everything. Our two co-founders started the company in 1996, just three short years after the World Wide Web went public. Even from the small confines of their shared 8’x10’ office, our founders saw the potential and promise of their startup IT business. That first year may have been rough sailing, but once they got their feet on the ground, revenue skyrocketed.

The name ProActive Solutions was chosen to illustrate that we were ahead of the curve — always keeping an eye on the future and staying on top of emerging technologies and trends. ProActive also meant something else: starting the company as a certified woman-owned business, a rarity in the tech landscape in the 1990s, and growing it into a Top 5 Women-Owned Business in our hometown of Kansas City. ProActive is what we are!


50% of our employees have been retained in our 27 years of services.

The Four Pillars of Being ProActive

To achieve the goal of being ProActive, a business model was created to set us apart from the competition. The key to the model were four pillars that would reflect not just our business methods, but how we conducted ourselves as employees as well.



Every client deserves a thorough, responsible, and engaged business partner. While these are easy concepts, it’s remarkable how many companies don’t follow through. ProActive Solutions places an emphasis on response time. Our clients should not expect to wait long for an answer no matter where they are in the business cycle. Therefore, we take great pride in our policy of same-day delivery of quotes.

We also come from an independent vendor standpoint — our business and services are not dependent on our own products. Our number-one goal is to find the solutions that best fit the individual needs of our clients from the best possible pool of vendors. Then, when it’s time to get the physical products into our clients’ hands, we can expedite those deliveries to meet our clients’ desired timeframes.



ProActive Solutions is fully invested in hiring the best people for the job and expanding our knowledge base. Our employees are handpicked from candidates with years of experience.

Our workforce has obtained certifications across a wide variety of vendor platforms. Our employees excel in complex data infrastructure-type environments and work hard to maintain our high standards of excellence. We encourage our team members to keep gaining new certifications to maintain our standing at the forefront of new technology solutions.



At ProActive, we make goals for the long term. This includes both clients and employees. Over our past 27 years, we are most proud of the close-knit relationships we have built between our team members, vendors, and clients.

50% of our employees have been with us for over 10 years. The trust we place in our workforce is why we enjoy such loyalty and continuity of business, and it helps ensure that our clients know exactly who to call for their specific needs.



Our mission is to find the best solution for our clients so that their day-to-day work life is easier to manage and navigate. Finding the best solution gives our clients the ability to focus on other opportunities to make their companies more successful.

By adhering to our pillars and the meaning of our name, we have taken ProActive Solutions from a two-person outfit to the company you know today — a leader in complex data center infrastructure environments with a national reach.

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