Overcome Infrastructure Challenges

Organizations must rethink their approach to infrastructure to stay current and competitive.


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Companies need to stay on top of infrastructure upgrades to avoid risk and keep up with the pace of digital transformation.


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As data, compute, and networking demands increase, organizations must find ways to scale easily.


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Management complexity prevents companies from focusing on core business and innovation by bogging down IT teams with mundane tasks.


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When companies move data and applications, they experience costly downtime and risk losing or compromising critical information.

Companies need to find ways to transform their data centers and infrastructure capabilities while simplifying management.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) can meet today’s technology challenges. ProActive Solutions provides Professional Services capabilities for HCI. We have the expertise needed to configure and deploy hyperconverged solutions.



With HCI, organizations can perform upgrades with a single click. HCI provides a cloud-like environment and a springboard to the cloud. HCI takes a software-defined approach to infrastructure that virtualizes every aspect of the IT environment.



Scaling with hyperconverged infrastructure is as easy as adding new nodes. Companies experience zero downtime during migration and scaling. Environments can be spun up and down quickly, according to workload and capacity demands.



HCI is easy to manage. When companies adopt HCI, they switch from multiple vendors and interfaces that create numerous management points to a single pane of glass approach to management.



Organizations are able to move away from a traditional 3-tier infrastructure to an integrated system. Everything in the IT environment is integrated at the software layer from storage and compute to networking. Virtualization is extended from the server to the entire infrastructure.

See How HCI Fits Into Your Company’s Infrastructure

Learn how ProActive can design a custom IT architecture using HCI. Explore our Architecture Design and Consulting services.