Architectural Design & Consulting

ProActive takes a personalized approach to architectural design. Our team collaborates closely with the client team to design a customized environment using leading solutions. We provide clients with a dedicated project manager throughout the duration of the project.

Working One-on-One With Your IT Team 

ProActive is a true partner for companies that want to redesign their IT infrastructure. The client team speaks directly with our engineers, developers, and architects. We provide a single point of contact and support for the entire project lifecycle.

ProActive offers hands-on workshops for the client team so we can talk through options and recommendations. After the workshop, we share our findings and next steps. Our team can create designs quickly, usually in two or three meetings.

Proof of Concept

ProActive eliminates most of the risk associated with launching an infrastructure project. We test solutions in our state-of-the-art integration and demo lab. Any problems can be solved before implementation, ensuring a successful project launch.

Designing Multi-Vendor Solutions

At ProActive, we embrace a multi-vendor approach to IT architecture projects. Our designs are driven by your architectural requirements, not by a vendor’s offerings. Our partnerships with an array of top technology companies allow our customers to design an infrastructure using a variety of best-in-breed solutions.

Request a Whiteboard Session

Receive a personalized whiteboard session from a certified ProActive infrastructure expert.