Security & Compliance

Overcoming Security and Compliance Challenges

Cybercriminals are continually developing new attack vectors that challenge company defenses.


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Many companies take a reactive approach to security instead of being proactive.


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Organizations need to control unauthorized access to sensitive data.


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Employees may open suspicious email attachments, triggering a malware attack.


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The proliferation of devices makes gaining full visibility into the environment difficult.

Companies can’t afford to fall behind when it comes to preventing and defending against today’s cybersecurity threats.

ProActive Solutions helps our clients identify threats and customize a security strategy to prevent risk and mediate attacks when they are unavoidable. We can also keep companies current with compliance regulations.


Security Operations

Managed services for security operations ensure that your company is protected 24/7 without monopolizing your IT team. Managed detection and response (MDR) provides intrusion detection to prevent malware attacks by using data intelligence to identifying malicious activity. ProActive partners with Arctic Wolf, a leader in security operations, to provide our customers with MDR.


Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management ensures that only authorized access is granted to mission-critical data and applications. Data access permissions are assigned according to an employee’s role at the company. ProActive helps our customers harness the power of artificial intelligence to find and contain security  threats, and nd works with various vendors that provide data credentials access controls. 


Threat Prevention and Management

Threat prevention and management is the key to taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Firewalls prevent hackers from breaching the perimeter to gain access to company systems. Intrusion detection solutions detect suspicious traffic patterns so potential attacks can be anticipated. Our partnership with Tenable enables us to provide tools for identifying vulnerabilities across the entire attack surface.


Security Services

Security assessment services help your company uncover and eliminate vulnerabilities. Security services also ensure that organizations meet PCI compliance and attain cybersecurity maturity model certification (CMMC) for an improved security posture. ProActive takes a consultative approach to security with our security services and partners with leading technology innovators to provide best-in-breed Managed Detection and Response in addition to networking and cloud security solutions.


Security Technology

The complexity of today’s IT environment requires advanced security technologies. To protect the entire attack surface, companies need endpoint threat protection and network security operations, as well as cloud, application, and database security. ProActive offers security technology for every part of the infrastructure.


Cyber Protection

Cyber protection harnesses analytics for an intelligent approach to security. Advanced analytics can identify suspicious activity and prevent it from infiltrating your systems and compromising data. Insights can be used to set security policies and automate incident detection and response. ProActive has strategic partnerships with the top cybersecurity companies.

Participate in a Security and Compliance Whiteboard Session

Experience the consultative approach ProActive takes in developing security and compliance strategies for our clients.