Security & Compliance

ProActive’s clients worry about ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. These attacks encrypt and lock down company systems, sometimes even erasing on-premises backup files.

In an increasingly complex threat landscape, customer financial and personally identifiable information is at risk. Companies must protect this sensitive data while also meeting compliance requirements for data handling. ProActive can help give organizations peace of mind.

Don’t Be a Victim 

ProActive works with our customers to design custom security strategies that defend against the unique threats they face. We help our clients take a preventive approach to security, along with assisting them in mitigating any attacks that do occur.

Our clients can protect themselves against data breaches with encryption. Encryption prevents hackers from stealing and exploiting sensitive company and customer information.

Bouncing Back

If a data breach does happen, ProActive provides the tools needed to recover quickly and completely. We offer backup and recovery, as well as disaster recovery, for major breaches.

Backup and recovery are essential when restoring files after a ransomware attack. The hackers cannot encrypt off-site backup files. With backup and recovery, information that has been lost or corrupted can be restored fully so your company can get back to business as usual.

Best-in-Breed Security Solutions

ProActive allows our clients to design multi-vendor security strategies using solutions from leading technology companies in the security space. Organizations can choose security solutions from technology companies that specialize in specific areas of data security. We partner with Cisco, Riverbed, and Dell EMC for security solutions.

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