Do you want a true partner in the development of your IT environment? If so, then ProActive Solutions could be the right match for your enterprise. If you choose ProActive for your infrastructure project, you will get to speak directly with the engineers, architects, and developers who will be designing and implementing your IT infrastructure.

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We Specialize in Industry-scale Infrastructure Design

Our engineers have designed some of the largest and most complex IT infrastructures in existence today. ProActive was founded in 1996, just as the Internet had begun to reach full maturity. Our early entry into the field has given our engineers the rare opportunity to design and implement several industry-scale infrastructures.

How We Help Our Clients

  • We strive for speed and quality. Our years of experience in the industry have given us the opportunity to refine our process to such a degree that we can often create our client’s solution in just 1 or 2 meetings.
  • Our dedicated sales and technical experts will manage each project from start to finish – with transparency. Our clients have a project manager to serve as their single point of contact throughout the life of the project.
  • We offer our clients direct access to technicians and engineers. Clients can speak with the very people who will be designing, deploying, and maintaining their complex infrastructures.

ProActive Infrastructure Benefits

With our extensive background in large-scale infrastructure design, we can help our clients leverage their existing assets and maximize their infrastructure investment. Clients who work with us on their infrastructure projects benefit from:

  • Infrastructure designed and tested by experienced technicians
  • Design testing in our own demo lab prior to implementation
  • ProActive expert support throughout the lifecycle of the project
  • Supplemental staff, if needed

Client-Centric Designs and Complete Lifecycle Support

Our goal is to provide client-centric, stable infrastructure designs, and complete support throughout the life of the project. We craft implementation plans and build and develop large-scale IT architecture with a client-focused, brand-agnostic approach.

Read about how ProActive optimizes IT infrastructure for clients.CHECK OUT OUR SiriusXM CASE STUDY