Storage Solutions

Tackling Today’s Storage Challenges

The unrelenting pace of data growth continues to create storage challenges for companies.



Organizations must scale to meet increasing capacity needs.



Companies need to expand capacity while staying within budget.



Storage performance speeds need to match the accelerating velocity of data generation.



Businesses need to guard against downtime, data loss, and breaches.

Many companies are looking to transform their storage through refreshes or by migrating data to the cloud.

ProActive Solutions helps our clients tackle today’s storage challenges by developing customized approaches to storage for our clients. We are ranked as one of the Top 5 Storage Integrators.


Primary Storage

Primary Storage is low-latency storage that meets the performance and availability demands of advanced applications. Primary Storage Solutions empower your company to access, manage, and protect the mission-critical data needed to make business decisions. ProActive offers best-in-class solutions tailored to your requirements.


Secondary Storage

Secondary Storage handles data that your company doesn’t need to access as often but is still important. Secondary Storage is a crucial part of data protection, enabling backup, recovery, and disaster recovery. ProActive can recommend the best Secondary Storage solutions for your business.



Archive Storage is essential for compliance. Organizations in heavily regulated industries must retain data and records of transactions for many years to pass compliance audits. ProActive storage experts help companies choose and implement the right storage solutions for archive.


Network Attached Storage (NAS)

NAS storage provides the flexible shared file access preferred by many IT departments. NAS storage is the foundation for file sharing across employees and data centers, including those in private and public cloud. ProActive can help you add NAS storage to your storage infrastructure.


Object & Cloud Storage 

Private, hybrid, and public cloud storage provides organizations with scalable, on-demand, and flexible capacity. ProActive offers both private cloud solutions and public cloud offerings from Microsoft Azure and AWS. Object storage makes data management and access more efficient in this era of big data.

Schedule a Storage Whiteboard Session With ProActive

ProActive takes a consultative approach to working with our storage clients. We can set up a personalized Whiteboard Session for your company with one of our senior-level consultants to assess your current storage environment and help you decide whether to augment what you have, transform your storage approach, or migrate your data.