Overcoming Security Challenges 

Cyberthreats are continuously evolving to become more sophisticated and pervasive, meaning companies must find more intelligent and dynamic ways to secure their systems, workloads, and applications. 



Companies may use a variety of security tools from different vendors to put together a security strategy that is complex and hard to manage. 

Inadequate Monitoring 

Inadequate Monitoring

In today’s geographically distributed environments with many endpoints, organizations have difficulty monitoring the system 24/7 all the way to the edge. 

Lack of Expertise 

Lack of Expertise

The IT industry is experiencing a skills gap, especially in cybersecurity, so many businesses have problems setting and enforcing security policies. 

Reactive Approach 

Reactive Approach

                                            When companies take a reactive approach to security, they are always playing catchup, struggling to recover lost and stolen data after an incident. 

Software-defined security (SDSec) overcomes today’s cybersecurity challenges by using software to control network security devices by virtualizing security functions.

ProActive Solutions takes a consultative approach to help companies decide if moving to SDSec is the answer to their security challenges and then helps design, implement, and support a custom solution. 

Overcoming Cloud Modernization Challenges

To achieve cloud modernization, companies need to understand their business challenges and develop a digital transformation plan with achievable milestones for tracking progress in their journey.
Legacy Systems
Legacy Systems

Companies may be using legacy systems that are incompatible with the cloud and difficult to integrate.


Organizations may not have optimized their cloud resources to enable rapid scaling to accommodate sudden increases in demand.


Cloud infrastructure may not be secure and resilient enough to defend against and recover from data breaches.


While developing a cloud modernization strategy, companies must control costs and usage with future changes in workload demands in mind.

While most companies have been using the cloud for a while, now is the time to reevaluate your cloud infrastructure and services to get on the path to modernization.

ProActive Solutions offers clients a personalized approach to cloud modernization by customizing solutions to meet specific needs and business objectives using best-in-breed architectural and engineering resources.


Cloud Maturity Assessment to Optimize Your Infrastructure

We can help you assess your current cloud infrastructure and service maturity to uncover inefficiencies and weaknesses and determine where your cloud resources need to be updated and optimized. During the assessment, we can evaluate your level of cloud maturity and suggest improvements based on the findings, including which legacy technology should be moved to the cloud.


Maximizing Cloud Efficiency: Right-Sizing Resources for Optimal Performance

ProActive helps companies optimize their cloud investments and control costs by right-sizing cloud resources to meet business needs and goals. We work with your company to understand your workload performance and capacity needs and how they align with your cloud instances. Based on this information, we can adjust your current instances to improve resource utilization and practice efficient management.


Crafting Tailored Cloud Modernization Strategies for Enhanced Business Resilience

Through our consultative approach, ProActive helps your company develop the right cloud modernization strategy for progressing in your cloud maturity journey. Based on the state of your current cloud infrastructure, we can build strategies for cloud database, application, and process modernization. With the right roadmap, your company can use a cloud modernization strategy to improve data, application, and infrastructure management and promote business resilience.


Cloud Security: Strategic Solutions for Compliance and Protection

We can help your organization use modern cloud solutions to enhance security and meet compliance regulations. The ProActive team understands the security and compliance requirements of companies in key industries, so we can design cloud modernization strategy that allows you to set the appropriate security controls and policies to protect your assets. Cloud modernization can improve visibility into cloud resources and implement measures such as encryption to protect data in transit.

How to Achieve a Cost-Effective Cloud Modernization

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