Financial Services

As the IT industry changes, so are the ways the IT firm from Mission, Kansas, ProActive Solutions clients purchase technology solutions. We provide an array of options for financing to clients who are looking for alternatives to traditional IT procurement. Our financial services make hardware, software, and IT services affordable and accessible.

Making IT Solutions Affordable 

ProActive works to ensure new solutions are within our clients’ reach. Our financial services provide flexibility for our customers. We offer third-party financing from top finance vendors. Leasing, loans, and deferred payments are also options. Customers can decide whether they want to focus on capital or operational expenses.

Benefits of Financial Services

With ProActive financial services, clients benefit from flexible payment structures. Companies can manage risk with predictable, fixed costs and payment plans.

Lower upfront costs preserve working capital and existing credit lines. This frees up cash for other expenses and core business needs.

At the end of a lease, clients can choose whether to return equipment for an upgrade or purchase it. This option allows organizations to evolve with advancing technology.

Consumption models allow clients to use what they need and pay only for what they use.

Partnering With Top Finance Providers

ProActive partners with leading global technology finance companies. IBM Global Financing (IGF) helps clients reduce costs, preserve cash, and better manage cash flow by financing hardware, software, and services solutions. IGF offers leasing and competitive rates, as well as flexible payment options and terms. Dell Financial Services (DFS) is a global provider of innovative payment and consumption solutions. DFS can finance any hardware, software, and services solutions, allowing customers to choose how they want to consume their technology.

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