Meeting Compute Demands

Advances in data analytics and the increasing complexity of unstructured data test compute capabilities.


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Certified expertise in IBM System i and AIX can be hard to find.


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Today’s servers must meet the performance demands of data-intensive workloads.


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Analytics applications need more compute power to process data for cognitive insights.


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Companies need support for the entire lifespan of their server projects.

Organizations must implement top server solutions to access the compute power they need for today’s workloads.

ProActive Solutions offers x86 and IBM Power servers as compute options that meet today’s data-intensive workload and application performance needs. We also deliver the engineering expertise and project management support needed to implement and optimize servers. ProActive uses our consultative approach to design custom server solutions that meet your company’s compute requirements.

x86 Server room

x86 Servers

x86 servers are cost-efficient and can scale as your business grows. ProActive takes a comprehensive approach to help companies get the most out of their x86 servers. After 2 or 3 meetings to discuss your goals, we can customize a server solution that meets your unique computing needs. We also provide proof of concept (POC) by testing your x86 solution design in our lab.

IBM Power Servers

IBM Power Servers

IBM Power servers give companies the compute performance they need to achieve cognitive insights. IBM has announced the highly anticipated release of Power10, which meets the needs of private and hybrid cloud environments.

IBM Power10 has increased performance, flexibility, and security, as well as AI capabilities. Power10 is IBM’s highest-end processor-based system, offering extensive bandwidth and ultra-fast I/O rates. The servers deliver more than 2x the memory of POWER9 in 2 to 4 sockets and up to 57% higher performance.

Each Power10 processor core is equipped with four Matrix Math Accelerators that are designed to improve the performance of AI models and lower latency by running inferencing to access and analyze data more quickly. A PowerVM hypervisor is built in at no extra license charge so every workload is virtualized, mobile, and cloud ready. IBM Power servers support AIX and IBM i operating systems, as well as Linux.

ProActive understands that IBM Power meets customer requirements for analytics and big data, including the challenges of storing and processing unstructured data and massive data volumes. As a Platinum IBM Business Partner, we have the certifications needed to connect our customers with the right IBM Power solutions. Our engineers have senior-level expertise in IBM Power and can help you upgrade your older systems.



ProActive realizes that AIX expertise is becoming harder and harder to find. In the Kansas City market, we have the AIX experts necessary to help companies overcome the skills gap. We can assist you with this legacy operating system or help you transition to running AIX on the latest Power servers.

System i by IBM

System i

System i is designed to meet the needs of mission-critical applications. Current System i users may be experiencing a skills gap. ProActive has the System i knowledge and experience needed to breathe new life into your legacy operating system. We serve as a liaison between your company and IBM so you get the personal attention you want. Our team can also help you upgrade the servers you use to run System i.

IBM has announced the release of the 9009-xxG model of IBM i servers: These new IBM i servers deliver 2x more bandwidth and up to 180% more Enterprise NVMe capacity for a seamless integration between on-premises and public clouds through a full PCIe Gen4 architecture.

Request a Compute Whiteboard Session From ProActive

ProActive provides our clients with planning, design, testing, and management for server projects. We can set up a custom Whiteboard Session for your company with one of our senior-level consultants to assess your current servers and develop a roadmap forward.