Software Solutions to Drive Business Intelligence

Harness your data with custom software solutions for business intelligence and analytics, virtualization, and backup and recovery. The digital divide is here and expanding. Organizations that leverage technology to drive decisions, influence product design and development, and gather business intelligence are more likely to survive and thrive than companies that do not. We specialize in helping enterprises of all sizes make the transition to digital organizations.

Every organization brings its own variables to the table including security constraints, compliance requirements, product and service related needs, organizational challenges, and technological hurdles. Our strength lies in our ability to assess these unique variables and create software solutions that address them all.

How We Help Our Clients

Software and hardware licensing and compatibility issues can create unnecessary expense and diminish productivity. We help our clients navigate the complex and confusing minefield of contractual dependencies and compatibilities. 

For instance, several different departments may hold separate contracts with the same company for the same, or similar software. Often, these contractual overlaps go unnoticed within the organization. However, once discovered, these contracts can be bundled and optimized, which creates cost efficiencies for the organization. This is just one of several possible scenarios  in which an organization could gain efficiency and savings with contract and asset management.

We offer complete software and asset management services to help you streamline and maximize your technology investments. We provide transparency with our asset management portal.  You can use our straightforward and simple portal to review your contracts and assets any time. 

Take advantage of our complete software and asset management portfolio, including:

  • Big data insights
  • Backup and recovery
  • Virtualization
  • Custom applications

Our Software Solutions Include:

If you choose us to manage or implement your software applications, we can provide:

  • Ongoing maintenance for hardware and software
  • Licensing management and optimization
  • License and contract renewals

Our simple management portal will give you on-demand access to our activity reports, service logs, and information on all your existing contracts, licenses, and assets.

ProActive Software Management Benefits

Organizations that can effectively streamline and manage their technology often realize game-changing cost efficiencies. However, the task of managing contracts, licenses, and lifecycles for an organization’s technology assets is a complex and confusing undertaking.

With our collective background in solution design and asset management, we can find and fix your contractual inefficiencies and save your organization both time and money with:

  • Optimized and streamlined assets and licenses
  • Simple asset management portal
  • Expert advisor for license and contract matters

Let Us Help You Maximize Your Technology Investments

Our goal is to maximize our clients’ technology investments through smart, effective, and efficient asset management. We help our clients navigate the complex and confusing landscape of asset management, including licensing, contract renewals, lifecycle management, dependencies, and compatibility requirements.

Call ProActive today to find out how much you could save on licensing with our no-obligation asset management assessment.