IT Software Solutions

Meeting Software Challenges

Companies need expert guidance in customizing software solutions and managing licensing agreements as technology increasingly moves toward a software-first approach.


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Organizations may have chosen the wrong licensing model or have purchased software that they aren’t using or don’t need.


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Businesses don’t always get the full value out of their software asset acquisitions.


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Managing software licenses held with different vendors can be complicated and time-consuming.


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Companies need help right-sizing software packages to align with their business needs and goals.

IT Software is the key to gaining business intelligence and streamlining operations so your company can stay competitive.

ProActive Solutions helps organizations choose, deploy, and manage the right IT software so they get the most out of their solutions. ProActive puts together software agreements on behalf of clients and recommends pricing models so your company can get the maximum return on investment.

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Open Source Software Services

Many companies are moving to Open Source software because it is easy to consume and update. The software and source codes are generally available, making it a cost-effective option. ProActive can help your business decide if Open Source software makes sense for you. Learn about our Red Hat infrastructure capabilities here!

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Enterprise Licensing Agreements

Enterprise Licensing agreements (ELAs) are often entered into to drive down software costs. However, ELAs sometimes include software that isn’t being used. ProActive helps your company draft ELAs and analyze them to see if they include software that isn’t being deployed in your environment.

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License Renewals & Management

Software licenses need to be renewed annually, and renewals can be difficult to keep track of. Your company can be audited at any time. ProActive can make managing and renewing licenses a painless process by ensuring that renewals are made on time and you are only paying for what you need.

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License Modeling

Software is available through subscription and perpetual licensing models. Deployments vary according to the pricing model. The subscription model gives you the flexibility of being able to deploy both on-premises and in the cloud as your needs change, while a perpetual model is most often implemented on-premises. Both options include support and maintenance and offer different advantages depending upon customer needs. ProActive can recommend an appropriate licensing model.

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IT Investments

Companies want to maximize their software investments by achieving greater return on investment and lowering total cost of ownership. ProActive works to understand and optimize the value of the customer investment, as well as to right-size software licenses and solution deployments.

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Cloud Readiness &
SaaS Models

Software is a gateway to the cloud. More and more companies are switching to software as a service (SaaS) models, cloud-enabling their companies. ProActive can assist your company in using software to modernize, migrate, and scale the cloud.

Optimize Your Approach to Business Software

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