ProActive Solutions | Employee Highlight: Amy Hiesberger

By ProActive Solutions

Jun 22, 2021 9:30:00 AM

About 4 minutes

Today, we at ProActive Solutions want to highlight and show our appreciation for one of our longest-tenured employees, Amy Hiesberger. When Dean and Melissa founded our company, Amy was the third official member of the ProActive team.

AmyThe Beginning of Amy's Career

Amy attended DeVry and earned her BS in Telecommunication Management. Upon completing her degree, Dean and Melissa were on the search for new employees who could help them grow their business. Fortunately for both Dean and Amy, their paths crossed through a recruiter at DeVry.

Amy accepted the job opportunity and began working in a modest setting — a small building with two offices and a couple of cubicles. Startup life had begun. ” We were trying to reach clients through the remarketing arm, offering to buy back used gear hoping to establish a connection for ongoing business,” Amy explains. She spent a great deal of time cold calling potential clients out of a phone book.

Kansas City, We Have Liftoff!

Her countless hours of cold calling finally paid off as ProActive eventually landed a few larger accounts that brought repeat business. Amy acquired several certifications and grew to be proficient in the art of customer service and IT solutions. One of her first large enterprise deals was with an auto parts retailer in southeast Missouri. We’re proud to say that client is still a customer of ours today!

Amy continued to expand her client base and achievements, obtained a variety of certifications and helped onboard new employees. After a few years of growth, we moved to a much larger building where we continued to drive our company to new levels.

Many of the customers that Amy brought in during her early years remain loyal customers today. Because of her efforts, we are proud to have secured a myriad of clients, in a variety of verticals, that have evolved with us through the years. We are very proud of those long-term relationships.

Why ProActive?

While the entrepreneurial spirit Dean promotes is what first drew Amy to ProActive, her love of our clients is what keeps her here.

“Helping our clients define their initiatives and seeing plans come to fruition is very rewarding,” she explains. “Contributing to the success of a person, department, company, and ultimately their clients is extremely gratifying. While it can be challenging at times, that customer satisfaction piece is really the biggest reward.”

Amy has also thoroughly enjoyed her mentoring and training role within ProActive for much of her career. She’s been responsible for training staff on technology concepts, internal systems, and vendor processes. She is a team player and is always willing to provide her advice and expertise and help where needed.

Personal Achievements

Amy herself has attained over 30 certifications across multiple pillars of technology. She encompasses a technical sales mentality and can communicate with all segments of the business unit. She volunteers with local non-profit organizations, including two committees for WiSTEMM (Women in STEMM), which is a national movement to grow and foster more female representation in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine. She has helped with the Kansas City Tech Council and Central Exchange, a local leadership community for women.

Within ProActive, Amy has become a sales leader and continues to promote diversity and inclusion throughout our organization and the greater Kansas City area. Simply put, Amy is integral to ProActive’s growth and success, and our company would not be the same without her. Not only is Amy dynamic in her role from the many years of experience in the industry; she also has a knack to connect with people due to her fun-loving personality and quick wit!

Plans for the Future

Amy continues to advise and guide our clients’ technology decisions, helping to transform their businesses and achieve success. As she states:

“Organizations are trying to evolve, build roadmaps to the cloud, redefine AI, transform data, maximize their ROI and mitigate risk. They are constantly challenged to do more with less and take their company to new technology heights. They must be efficient and agile and able to utilize data to enable new strategies to deliver business value. Clients often feel overwhelmed by the different combinations of vendors and products. We try to help them sort through their requirements and create a personalized approach to enable them for success.“

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