How Red Hat Is Changing the Cloud Landscape

By Lisa Qualls, Senior Account Executive

Aug 23, 2022 11:15:00 AM

About 5 minutes

For today’s companies, application development, testing, and delivery is the key to staying competitive. Your business needs to speed innovative software products to the market to create better user experiences that earn customer loyalty and win over new customers. 

As the cloud saturates the market, developing cloud-native applications is becoming increasingly important. More and more organizations are running applications in the cloud and adopting software as a service (SaaS).  

Red Hat enables companies to streamline and accelerate the development of cloud-native applications across any environment using its Hybrid Cloud Console and Red Hat OpenShift. 

Taking DevOps to the Cloud

Developing applications has always been a challenge for companies because of the need to create development and testing environments that are separate from production environments. Because setting up and disassembling these environments can be expensive and time consuming, the cloud has become the solution to creating inexpensive DevOps environments on-demand.

Red Hat OpenShift has taken this move to cloud DevOps a couple of steps further by empowering companies to develop and test applications in newer, more complex cloud models, such as hybrid and multicloud. OpenShift also allows users to take advantage of an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform. With OpenShift, organizations can align application development with their hybrid cloud strategy and manage hybrid cloud, multicloud, and edge software deployments.

Accelerating Cloud-Native Application Development

The faster your company can develop and test applications, the quicker you can get them to market to wow customers and boost the bottom line. Fast development of high-quality, cloud-native applications is the way to be successful in today’s market. 

Red Hat OpenShift and Hybrid Cloud Console give developers everything they need to accelerate cloud-native application development. OpenShift manages the entire development lifecycle, providing the functionality of platform as a service (PaaS) and container as a service (CaaS). With OpenShift, developers benefit from standardized workflows, support for multiple environments, continuous integration, and release management. 

Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console allows developers to make quick progress by automating many of the application lifecycle processes, including deploying code, establishing databases, provisioning servers, and testing applications. Hybrid Cloud Console allows you to securely connect across cloud instances and developer environments. 

Creating a Cloud Experience Anywhere

Using Red Hat OpenShift is like turning any environment into a cloud environment. The Kubernetes platform creates a cloud-like experience wherever it’s deployed, whether on-premises or at the edge. There’s no need to redesign applications to run in different locations. 

OpenShift’s open hybrid cloud strategy gives users the flexibility to run traditional or cloud-native applications anywhere they are needed. The solution’s foundation of containers and automation promotes consistency across different environments. Applications can run closer to where users are located, and data is generated at the edge for an enhanced experience.

Expanding the Idea of the Cloud

Red Hat OpenShift is changing the cloud landscape by redefining the whole concept of what a cloud environment is. Not only does OpenShift leverage a newer hybrid cloud strategy, but it expands the definition of cloud by taking the cloud experience into on-premises and edge environments. 

Working with a partner that specializes in Red Hat solutions will help your company take advantage of this expanded idea of the cloud.

ProActive Solutions can work with your business to explore the potential of Red Hat OpenShift. Using our consultative approach, our team can help you decide if Red Hat OpenShift aligns with your goals, whether your business objectives are related to accelerating application development or gaining more flexibility in application deployments.  

Get started on your Red Hat project. Speak with our Red Hat experts at ProActive. 

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