HPE Compute Is Making Waves in 2020

By Lisa Qualls, Senior Account Executive

Apr 15, 2020 9:30:00 AM

About 4 minutes

HPE has hit the ground running at the beginning of this new decade. The enterprise technology leader is introducing new products, capabilities, and partnerships in 2020. For 2020, HPE is offering cutting-edge security, new chips, expansion of its GreenLake offering, and strategic partnerships with AMD and Pensando.

Pioneers in Cybersecurity

The differentiator for HPE is security. This is a key value add because cybersecurity is top of mind for organizations. The 9th Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study found that cybercrime cost companies an average of $13 million in 2018. Attack vectors are continuously evolving, with malware attacks dominating the threat landscape.

HPE offers the only Cyber Catalyst-designated server solution on the market. Organizations that adopt Cyber Catalyst-designated solutions may qualify for enhanced terms and conditions on individually negotiated cyber insurance policies. HPE provides Silicon Root of Trust as a built-in capability in its hardware products, preventing compromised firmware code from crippling a business.

New HPE Product Offerings

Intel is rolling out four chips in 2020, creating new potential for the HPC Alliance between Intel and HPE. Two of the chips are Gen 10 refreshes. The next release will be Cooper Lake, and by the end of the year, Intel will release Ice Lake.

Cooper Lake upgrades Cascade Lake, offering higher bandwidth and more channels. Ice Lake server processors feature higher performance by delivering higher drive current for the same power envelope.

This is the year that HPE’s investment in Nimble Storage really starts to pay off. In 2020, HPE plans to roll out InfoSight across its entire hardware portfolio. InfoSight predictive analytics, combined with the simplicity and speed of Nimble flash storage, allows companies to leverage artificial intelligence.

By 2022, HPE’s as-a-service business model GreenLake will be made available on every product and solution in the HPE portfolio. This move will help HPE transition into an as-a-Service company by providing customers with subscription-based, pay-per-use, and as-a-Service offerings.

A Productive Partnership

HPE is a strong partner of AMD and currently has 3 GA models in the market, with a plan to have 12 by year-end. The expectation is that this will drive down Intel costs and, consequently, server costs in general. Hopefully, delivery timeframes will improve as well, as Intel technology can compromise availability at times.

The partnership between AMD and HPE is renowned for being chosen to deliver the U.S. Department of Energy’s El Capitan supercomputer. AMD GPUs and CPUs produce system performance that exceeds 2 exaflops.

A New Strategic Alliance

Last but not least, HPE is an investor — along with Oracle, NetApp, and others — in the new John Chambers company Pensando Systems. Pensando just came out of stealth mode in the 4th quarter of 2019 with what looks like a Cisco who’s who running the company.

Pensando has introduced a distributed computing platform that powers and automates software-defined cloud, storage, networking, compute, and security. HPE plans on integrating future server models with Pensando technology. By partnering with Pensando, HPE empowers customers to move services to the edge for accelerated data insight.

Catch the HPE Wave

Companies that work with ProActive benefit from all the strides HPE is making in 2020. HPE is a ProActive technology partner, giving our clients access to enterprise products, solutions, and services.

ProActive has had quite a few clients inquire about AMD, so it is interesting to note that HPE seems to have had a strong hand in bringing the company back to the market. Our partnership with HPE is part of our commitment to providing our clients with customized solutions built from the latest in enterprise technology. 

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