Increasing Your Bottom Line With Staff Augmentation

By Brian Norman, Director of Technical Solutions and Infrastructure Services

Sep 13, 2018 11:15:00 PM

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Technology trends are continually emerging. Your company needs to take on technology initiatives to maintain a competitive edge and achieve digital transformation. All this needs to be accomplished while staying within budget.

Taking on new projects may tax your IT staff. If your team is already working overtime, your business needs extra manpower to achieve its goals. Implementing new technologies may also require skill sets that your core IT team doesn’t have.

Staff augmentation services are a great solution to the challenges of keeping up with change. Staff augmentation gives you access to specialized skills that your current team lacks. With access to long-term or short-term staffing help, your company can save money on staffing while taking on more profitable projects.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Staff augmentation allows you to add experienced talent without having to train from within. While your core IT staff may have the know-how to deal with most of your technology needs, some tasks may require specialized knowledge about emerging technologies. Instead of retraining your staff, augmenting it with a certified expert will help to bridge the skills gap.

Aging technology can also create a skills gap. Some experts in legacy solutions may be nearing retirement age. Instead of abandoning these trusted solutions, you can augment your staff with a certified expert at a pay-as-you-need rate. There is no need to pay an entire salary to retain an expert.

Cutting Recruitment Costs

Like the general workforce, IT staffs are subject to significant attrition. Compdata’s Turnover Report found that the rate of employee turnover in 2017 reached 18.5%. Recruiting, onboarding, and training new employees to replace departing staff members is costly and time-consuming.

To make matters worse, once employees are trained in new technologies, they often leave to pursue new opportunities. With augmented staffing, you immediately get access to fully trained and experienced employees.

These employees work for you as long as you need them. When staffing needs change, you can easily add more workers or discontinue using the ones you have already employed. Your company doesn’t need to offer these workers benefits or pay taxes on their salaries.

Optimizing Your Staff

Staff augmentation takes the burden of short-term projects, such as migrations and implementations, off your core IT staff. Long-term housekeeping projects, such as monitoring or management, can also be passed off to outside workers.

With less stress placed on them, your team members can find more time to engage in strategic projects that increase your company’s profitability. Internal staff doesn’t need to feel threatened by these workers. Your core employees gain reassurance that they are contributing to the company’s profitability and innovation.

Keeping Your Projects On Budget

To stay on track with its digital transformation, your company needs to take on technology initiatives. But new projects such as upgrades, migrations, and implementations can be risky and costly. Projects can overshoot deadlines and go over budget.

When your company augments its staff to manage projects, risk is lowered. These employees have extensive experience and know how to avoid problems, streamline processes, and deliver positive outcomes.

The faster a project is completed, the sooner it can start generating a return on investment (ROI). While the initiative is being completed, your employees are focusing on the core business instead of being distracted by side projects.

The Key to Smarter Staffing

When you make staffing decisions, you are investing time and money, so you want to see a return on this investment. Augmented staffing allows your business to gain a huge value from a minimal investment.

When your company turns to ProActive for staff augmentation, you gain access to highly trained and certified technology experts who can handle specialized tasks. We use employees, not temporary workers, for staff augmentation services.

With staff augmentation, your organization becomes nimbler to respond to emerging business needs.

Our staff augmentation offerings can take care of long-term staffing needs or short-term projects. You can scale your staff to meet workforce demands without taking on permanent, full-time employees.

Explore our flexible Staff Augmentation options to address staffing challenges, support core IT solutions, and optimize project budgets. Click here to augment your team with skilled IT professionals.

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