Nutanix .NEXT 2020 Conference Highlights

By Proactive Solutions

Sep 24, 2020 11:28:50 AM

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Global leader in enterprise cloud solutions and hyperconverged infrastructure Nutanix just wrapped up its .NEXT 2020 Conference. This year’s conference was available for free in the comfort of your own home and offered live streams of keynotes, virtual breakout sessions, hands-on product demos, and new product announcements.

Whether you missed this year’s conference or want to relive some of the more notable moments, take this opportunity to check out an overview of some of .NEXT 2020’s highlights. .NEXT 2020 unveiled some exciting and unique tools that make Nutanix even better than before.

Karbon Services

At .NEXT, Nutanix announced that it now offers Karbon, a Kubernetes-based multicloud platform as a service (PaaS). Karbon simplifies Kubernetes management through orchestration for hyperconverged infrastructures.

With Karbon, companies can quickly achieve a production-ready cloud native architecture. Kubernetes clusters can be deployed in just minutes with a few clicks, and scaling worker nodes takes a single click.

Karbon allows cloud native enterprises to integrate Kubernetes storage, monitoring, logging, and alerts. Upgrades can be accomplished without experiencing downtime.

New Storage Options for Nutanix

Nutanix is always working to optimize its storage resources. During .NEXT 2020, Nutanix announced 3 new ways its storage options are expanding.

Intel Optane is now available on Nutanix. Optane is a cost-efficient way to make memory storage faster and more responsive using intelligent system acceleration.

Nutanix is making Storage Performance Development Kits (SPDKs) available to its customers. SPDKs are drivers and end-to-end reference storage architectures that reduce latency, increasing performance.

Nutanix also introduced new, redesigned "blockstore" architecture. The company has transformed the way data is stored and removed the filesystem layer to further reduce latency.

Flow Security Central (FSC)

Flow Security Central (FSC) is a set of security posturing tools, compliance solutions, and monitoring software that can support the entire infrastructure stack. Instead of using multiple tools for infrastructure security and compliance, companies can centralize the management of security for everything integrated within Nutanix.

Nutanix users don’t need to struggle with application and security management integration for the stack because FSC provides a centralized hub where they can generate regulatory compliance recommendations, get visibility into the network, and more, all from a single interface.

Prism Ultimate

Now, Nutanix offers Prism Ultimate as part of its software options. Prism Ultimate is SaaS that can monitor non-Nutanix offerings, as well as virtualization environments. Prism Pro users can upgrade to Prism Ultimate for intelligent IT operation and automation.

More Flexible Nutanix Calm

Another change to Nutanix’s software offerings is additional flexibility for running Calm application management software. Nutanix Calm is now available as a service.

Available as SaaS, Calm no longer needs to be run on a Nutanix AOS cluster. Instead, it can be used for cloud or VMware environments to drive self-service and automation.

Taking the Next Step

The exciting new product announcements made at .NEXT 2020 may inspire your IT team to make changes to your Nutanix platform. Before you start the process of optimizing Nutanix or upgrading the tools you currently use, take some time to work with a technology partner that can advise you.

ProActive Solutions is just that kind of partner. We take a consultative approach to all our customer engagements. Nutanix is one of our strategic partners, meaning our team has the specialized knowledge needed to guide companies through the process of deciding which upgrades they should make to their Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure or hybrid cloud environment.

Experience ProActive’s consultative approach to optimizing Nutanix. Schedule a personalized whiteboard session today.

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