The Power of Analytics, Data Integration, and Business Intelligence

By Karen Coolbaugh

Jul 27, 2021 10:30:00 AM

About 2 minutes

Analytics and business intelligence/data integration platforms (ABI) help corporate executives, business managers, and operational staff make faster and more informed business decisions. By capturing value from data, companies are able to pinpoint areas for effective cost cutting, identify new business opportunities, and spot inefficient business processes.

To fully realize the benefits of a data-based approach to business decision making, a successful analytics project will involve more than simply implementing a software package or a new tool. Success will require the processes and technologies that help transform data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into actionable insights that drive informed business decisions.

Common functions of a successful analytics and business intelligence/data integration implementation begin with providing for the gathering and cleansing of relevant source data. Additional core services of the platform will include data storage and facilities for data analysis, visualization, and reporting. Higher-level implementations of ABI will address data and process mining, business performance management, benchmarking, and predictive analytics.

With the guidance of the right technology solutions provider and services partner, reap the benefits of an effective analytics and data integration platform by following the key steps required as part of the overall process.


Why Choose ProActive Solutions for Your ABI or Data Integration Project?

ProActive Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in designing, delivering, and supporting successful ABI solutions within a variety of industries. We have experience in a wide array of methods and technology platforms, including cloud, Linux, Windows, Kubernetes, and IBM platforms. We also partner with technology leaders Red Hat, IBM, Microsoft, and others. Our experience includes a variety of data integration, analytical, and business intelligence tools.

If your organization faces challenges integrating your business data, requires better data for quicker, high-quality business decisions, or has business processes that are hampered by an ineffective BI implementation, we can help. ProActive has extensive experience integrating data from a variety of services and platforms.

We provide customers with the insight to make quality business-critical decisions faster. Whether your challenges involve data quality and governance, sourcing and extraction, transformation, or data warehousing, our integration specialists can help.

Find out more about what ProActive does to support BI and our other business solutions. Check out our Customized Business Services Page.

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