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How to Make Your Backup Data Ransomware-Proof

Research shows that ransomware presents a formidable and increasing threat to companies’ backup data, causing most of the recoveries conducted by managed backup and disaster recovery services providers. The Achilles heel of backup data is that companies must use a multilayered approach to security to combat evolving ransomware attacks.

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How to Achieve Data Resiliency in a Digital World

The research group Digital Society defines the digital world as a place in which technologies have become an integral part of the way we live our lives, making life easier and more efficient.

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What HCI Users Need to Know About Data Protection

No company is safe from natural disasters or data breaches. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have business continuity or disaster recovery (DR) solutions in place. The massive power outages in Texas this winter are a case in point. The power utility was not expecting severe winter weather and had to resort to rolling blackouts to prevent a total system failure.

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