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Advantages of Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

As companies undergo digital transformation and create hybrid workplaces, they generate more risk by extending beyond the traditional network. Adopting new technologies expands the attack surface, giving cyber criminals more opportunities to stage a breach.

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5 of Today’s Top Cybersecurity Challenges

When companies think of cybersecurity challenges, they may envision a risk landscape peopled with bad actors who use ransomware and other malware to stage attacks. However, many security challenges come from the way IT environments evolve. As IT infrastructure expands and diversifies, it creates weak spots that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

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Why Major Players Are Investing in the SIEM Industry

Security incident and event management (SIEM) has been getting a lot of attention lately from major players in the technology market. Among the companies investing in SIEM by offering solutions are IBM, HP, Dell, LogRhythm, McAfee, Splunk, AlienVault, BlackStratus, EventTracker, Fortinet, Micro Focus, SolarWinds, Symantec, Tenable Network Security, TIBCO Software, Trustwave, and ZOHO Corp.

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