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How to Adapt Your Data Center for Containers

Containers have become a popular way to run applications because their portability increases the flexibility and agility of the way companies use applications. With companies increasingly turning to the cloud, containers provide a way of developing and running cloud-native applications by providing an operating environment that supports microservices  

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What HCI Users Need to Know About Data Protection

No company is safe from natural disasters or data breaches. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have business continuity or disaster recovery (DR) solutions in place. The massive power outages in Texas this winter are a case in point. The power utility was not expecting severe winter weather and had to resort to rolling blackouts to prevent a total system failure.

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HCI Industry Shake-Up: Acquisitions, Mergers & Expansions

The Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) industry has been hopping with news the last month. VMware acquired Datrium, HPE is merging SimpliVity with their up-and-coming Nimble-oriented dHCI product, and per Forrester, Nutanix took a big leap ahead of the competition in the latest HCI Q3 2020 report.

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