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How the Cloud Can Make Your Company More Resilient

Backup and recovery solutions are recognized for their data protection capabilities. They empower companies to restore lost, stolen, or compromised data to its original state. However, today’s organizations are leveraging backup and recovery for resilience.

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How to Make Your Backup Data Ransomware-Proof

Research shows that ransomware presents a formidable and increasing threat to companies’ backup data, causing most of the recoveries conducted by managed backup and disaster recovery services providers. The Achilles heel of backup data is that companies must use a multilayered approach to security to combat evolving ransomware attacks.

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Rethink Your Company’s Approach to Ransomware Readiness

Ransomware is recognized as one of the more popular attack vectors used in cybercrime. Hackers typically deliver ransomware attacks through infected email attachments, affecting businesses and government institutions large and small.

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