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Making the Most of the Cloud

Companies don’t always get the full value out of their cloud investments. As organizations increase their cloud spend, their investments are often inefficient, duplicating data center infrastructure and failing to produce much value or innovation.

ProActive Solutions Cloud Services take a consultative approach to help your business understand and expand its cloud strategy, optimize its cloud footprint and investments, and align technology resources with business and digital transformation goals. We provide best-in-breed architectural and engineering resources with one of the most robust service networks in the industry. 


Cloud Migration

Cloud migrations can be risky and complicated. Without a plan, moving to the cloud can result in excessive downtime, failure to recover costs, application compatibility issues, or at the worst: a failed migration that leaves your business back where you started. 

ProActive’s Cloud Migration services help organizations accomplish seamless transitions to the cloud through readiness assessments and careful planning. We work with your company to understand your current business challenges and how moving to the cloud can solve problems with scalability, performance, security, and resiliency. Through our consultative approach, we can determine the best migration strategy, whether it be refactor, replatform, lift and shift, or another strategy. 

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Cloud Strategy

As many of today’s companies develop cloud-first strategies, they need to consider what they hope to gain from moving most of their infrastructure to the cloud.

ProActive will work closely with your company to uncover your goals and challenges and determine the best cloud solution & strategy for meeting them. We can help you develop and realize a cloud strategy that meets your short-term and long-term business objectives with the right cloud models and services.


Cloud Modernization

Most companies have embraced the cloud. However, organizations operate at different levels of cloud maturity.

ProActive can evaluate your company’s cloud maturity and work with you to develop a roadmap for a successful journey to a modernized cloud infrastructure. We can help your company optimize cloud costs and right-size your cloud environment. 

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The cloud can provide a platform that gives DevOps teams more control, as well as providing automation capabilities to speed up both technology and business processes.

ProActive has the cloud and DevOps expertise needed to help companies use the cloud for developing, testing, and running applications. Our experience and knowledge extend to creating environments for the development of cloud-native applications. We can guide your company in following DevOps practices that accelerate application and system development while promoting quality and repeatability. 

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