The ProActive team has broad (and deep) knowledge of software, hardware, and infrastructure design. Our scope of knowledge allows us to plan and design across a wide range of platforms and hardware. We also have the capacity to test solutions in our own lab and offer proof of concept (POC) on all our clients’ designs.

Throughout the consultation, development, and design process, our clients have access to the engineers and developers who are working on their projects. We have found that when engineers and clients work together as a team, their projects are completed faster and with a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

How We Help Our Clients

Each of our solutions are carefully designed, planned, and implemented by dedicated and experienced engineers. We provide our clients with a single point of contact as well as access to the project team. Our focus is on agile, streamlined development so we can deliver the right solution to our clients, fast. We can often gather our information and design a solution for our client in 2 or 3 meetings.

Solutions are crafted, built, and tested extensively prior to deployment in our own lab. We make sure to address all of the client’s challenges before testing our solution design to minimize friction in the deployment phase.

Complete Lifecycle Management


We assess your specific compute requirements and goals. Then, we recommend a compute type and architecture that best supports your organization’s objectives.  We can facilitate an endless variety of development and architectural strategies, from integrated solutions that stitch together cloud and on-premises applications, to environments that facilitate rapid deployment and iteration of products and services for your customers.


With our understanding of your compute needs and the options available, we can design a solution that is cost-effective and able to scale as your organization’s needs change and grow. Our expertise is long-standing and wide-ranging. We can design a compute solution that is specifically tailored to your enterprise’s needs and objectives, without platform or hardware constraints. 


Once we have created a compute solution design, we can test it in our own laboratory and provide POC prior to deployment. POC testing at the deployment stage can identify risks, such as logistical problems, security gaps, or stakeholder concerns, early in the game.

If any risks are identified, you will have an opportunity to address and mitigate them prior to deployment. By performing due-diligence in the form of POC testing, we can save your organization valuable time and money by addressing potential problems before they threaten your initiative. 


Once your compute solution has been designed, tested, and deployed, ProActive can manage it for the duration of its lifecycle. Because the solution is designed and implemented by our team, we will have an in-depth understanding of your compute environment which will allow us to effectively maintain and manage it on your behalf.

ProActive Compute Benefits

If you choose to work with ProActive to design and develop your compute environment, you will benefit from:

  • Our brand-agnostic design process
  • POC testing in our own DevOps lab
  • Direct access to developers, engineers, and project architects
  • ProActive support throughout solution lifecycle

Our Solutions Focus on Structural Integrity

Our goal is to plan, design, implement, and manage client-centered compute solutions with a high degree of quality, stability, and structural integrity. Our long history and experience with data center, compute, and custom infrastructure design gives us the ability to design, execute, and manage solutions efficiently.