Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) 

Many companies are challenged by legacy data center hardware that is reaching end of support and has data silos that prevent information from being shared across the business. Data capacity needs are unpredictable, leading to overprovisioning. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) meets all these challenges by providing a flexible, integrated, and scalable option for storage, networking, and compute.

Modernize the Data Center 

HCI provides the ideal way to transition away from a legacy data center. With HCI, companies can update and simplify their data center infrastructure by provisioning state-of-the-art storage, compute, and networking all in a single chassis.

An Integrated Data Center Solution

Adopting HCI empowers companies to break down silos by converging all the elements of a data center in a single package. HCI integrates your infrastructure by using software to distribute functions across the entire cluster of nodes. Each node is predesigned and pretested, reducing the risks associated with transitioning your data center.

Ease of Management

HCI increases the operational efficiency of the data center. Management is handled using a single pane of glass for centralized administration and optimum visibility. Compute, storage, networking, and virtualization can all be controlled by the same management plane.

Grow With HCI

HCI makes it easy to scale so the data center can grow with your business. Each node is like a building block. As capacity needs increase, your business can provision additional preconfigured blocks of resources. When you acquire new storage, you also gain additional networking and compute resources to support it. Organizations that use HCI enjoy superior reliability and performance as well as lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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