How ProActive Helped Heartland Upgrade Its Infrastructure

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About Heartland Health Laboratories, Inc.

Heartland Health Lab is a small, full-service clinical laboratory dedicated exclusively to long-term care facilities. Heartland was established in 2004 in the Kansas area and has over 100 employees. Caring is one of Heartland’s core values. What sets Heartland apart is its dedication to dependability, urgency, and accuracy.

The Challenges

Heartland was having difficulty meeting its performance requirements. During high-processing times, the system would experience slowdowns. The system would require a reboot to the server to start back up.

Running three mission-critical databases was putting stress on the system. These databases include a client order entry/test results database, a lab test results database, and a billing systems database. The databases are used for internal and external order processing, test results acquisition and delivery, and client billing.

All three databases were linked and updated by HL7 Interface servers to enable interoperability. The databases were operating on hardware-based HP ProLiant and IBM System X, which were running I/O accelerator boards — one with a RAID 5 configuration. Adding to the complexity of the system, the database software was designed by two different developers.

The Solution

Heartland wanted to upgrade infrastructure, which consisted of separate storage, network, and servers, to a similar system with disparate components.

ProActive approached Heartland about considering Nutanix as an option. Nutanix offers a more powerful and integrated systems architecture.

Heartland recognized that Nutanix was priced out more economically than other solutions. Intrigued by the information ProActive shared, Heartland decided to go with Nutanix.

Nutanix provides Heartland with a modernized and software-defined infrastructure. With Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure, Heartland gains integrated storage, compute, and networking for ease of management, as well as the scalability needed to meet performance requirements.

The Result

“With the Nutanix software system, slowdowns rarely happen, and if they do, the system has the ability to recover on its own within several minutes. You could also opt to add processors and/or increase the available memory on the fly to solve the issue.”

--Clay Johnson, IT Administrator, Heartland Health Lab

loves the new solution. Since implementing Nutanix, Heartland has experienced:

  • Ease of management and maintenance
  • High levels of redundancy
  • Greater efficiency through Nutanix AHV

Heartland wants to continue its productive relationship with ProActive. The Lab is looking to expand into virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in April of 2020 when Windows 7 Pro reaches end of support.

ProActive sends our project managers, engineers, and architects to work on-site with our clients to help them achieve their goals on time and on budget.

Our many years of experience in large-scale infrastructure design has allowed us to refine our development process to a high degree of efficiency. We can often create a high-quality custom solution for our clients in two or three meetings.

About ProActive

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