Cloud Solutions

Overcoming Cloud Challenges

Companies need a technology partner to help them prepare for and carry out cloud migration, as well as achieve cloud maturity.


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Organizations must determine if they are prepared to move to the cloud.


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Current applications and workloads may not be compatible with the cloud.


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A cloud migration may fall flat if a company doesn’t develop a strong cloud strategy.


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Businesses may lack the internal skill set required to choose the right cloud models and optimize them.

Many companies are looking to move to the cloud or increase their level of cloud maturity to transform their business.

ProActive Solutions offers cloud readiness assessments, workshops, and roadmaps aimed at helping our clients develop a cloud vision and strategy. We are recognized for our consultative and personalized approach as a cloud provider.


Public Cloud

Public cloud gives your company access to a pool of on-demand resources for storage and compute. Obtaining public cloud resources through a provider reduces the expense of provisioning and maintaining an on-premises data center. ProActive can help you move mission-critical data and applications to the public cloud.


Private Cloud

Private cloud offers the scalability and flexibility of public cloud while delivering a higher level of security and privacy because it is run on-premises. With private cloud, access to data and applications can be limited to specific users. ProActive can help your business decide if private cloud is your best option.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud has the advantages of both public and private cloud because it delivers and orchestrates both types of environments. Companies that adopt hybrid cloud benefit from added flexibility along with data protection and disaster recovery capabilities. ProActive offers consultations to help you develop a hybrid cloud strategy.



Multicloud enables companies to store data and run applications in the right place at the right time for the right cost. Some cloud providers are better at certain services than others. Multicloud allows you to choose the best option for each cloud model and service to maximize innovation and drive business transformation. ProActive can help you build a winning multicloud strategy.

Experience ProActive’s Consultative Approach to Cloud

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