How SDDC Adds More Value to Your Cloud Strategy

By Jesse Haller

Mar 16, 2021 10:00:00 AM

About 9 minutes

Using the cloud effectively requires developing a cloud strategy. Your company should be working to align cloud models and services with your business goals and planning for the long term. However, many organizations that adopt the cloud fail to get the maximum value out of their cloud investment. 

Building a software-defined data center (SDDC) helps your business make the most of your cloud strategy. SDDC and cloud are extremely compatible, enabling companies with SDDC to easily move to cloud or increase the potential of existing cloud resources. With SDDC, you can evaluate your cloud spend, reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), and amplify your return on investment (ROI). 

SDDC Value by the Numbers 

SDDC decreases the TCO of your cloud strategy by greatly reducing many of the expenses associated with cloud migration, implementation, and management. According to The Total Economic Impact Of Dell Technologies Cloud study, by using SDDC with hybrid cloud, companies were able to eliminate 90% of the expenses of migration and architecture changes per virtual machine.  

The same study found that infrastructure management costs were reduced by 19%, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. The policy-based automation and orchestration made possible by SDDC reduces administration overhead by saving your IT staff and administrators the time it takes to manage cloud resources and supporting technologies, including networking.  

SDDC automation and orchestration software can improve any workflow by providing repeatable solutions, such as enabling you to bill-back IT to business units, partners, or clients so you can deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS). With SDDC, your company benefits from increased ROI because the cloud becomes a source of profit. 

The Value of Choice 

SDDC enables you to assess the cost of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud resources to determine the most cost-effective option. Once the assessment is completed, SDDC provides a strong foundation for moving to the cloud, especially hybrid cloud. 

With SDDC, applications and services can be run on-premises in the private cloud or in a secure public cloud infrastructure. Because the control layer is separate from the hardware layer, commodity hardware can be used, cutting down on infrastructure costs and eliminating proprietary hardware dependencies. 

More Efficient Cloud Management 

Not all the value gained from using SDDC for cloud is monetary. SDDC empowers your company to push cloud resources to their full potential through optimal management capabilities. 

SDDC can be deployed in any type of cloud environment, whether public, private, hybrid, or multicloud. Instead of through the complex process of managing multiple IT tools, applications, and software stacks, management is accomplished through a single pane of glass, enabling unified management and policy-based automation. All data and security can be monitored, allocated, and updated from that single pane of glass with the touch of a single button. 

This common operating environment promotes orchestration that allows companies to connect and manage applications and workloads across cloud environments, even hybrid and complex multicloud environments. Data management and security capabilities are built into SDDC, saving the cost of extra tools needed to optimize the cloud. 

Making SDDC Happen 

Like any data center transformation, the move to SDDC can be a complex journey, and not everyone takes the same route. Implementing SDDC involves transitioning all the parts of your data center architecture to software-defined technologies, including software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined storage (SDS), and software-defined security (SDSec). The key to success is finding the right partner that can guide you through the journey — instead of trying to fit you into someone else’s — and provide leading solutions in each area, coordinating a software-defined solution with your cloud strategy in mind. 

At ProActive Solutions, we offer all the software-defined technologies your company needs to achieve an SDDC, including software-defined storage, networking, and security. As a Dell EMC Platinum Partner, we have the certified expertise to design, implement, and support SDDC for our customers. 

Our consultative approach means we work with your company to match software-defined technologies with your cloud strategy and overall business goals. 

Explore all the software-defined technologies that go into SDDC. Read the ProActive eBook The Complete Guide to Software-Defined Everything

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