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How to Ensure Software-Defined Security

Recent acts of cyberterrorism have underscored the importance of raising your company’s IT security game. CNN reported a notable rise in cyberattacks, citing that in May 2021, hackers targeted the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies gas to the east coast of the U.S., and the food processor JBS USA, threatening the nation’s vital fuel and food supplies.

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When Does It Make Sense to Leave the Cloud?

Over the last decade, the cloud has gained popularity and acceptance, evolving from an emerging technology that inspired concerns about lack of security, to almost every company’s go-to solution. Now, it’s common for organizations to take a cloud-first approach to technology.

But is the cloud really right for everyone?

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3 Ways to Transform Your Data Center

Researchers at McKinsey & Company reported that the pandemic has spurred digital transformation for businessesspeeding up the adoption of digital operations by 3 to 4 years. Customers and employees rely on digital processes to access products and services and conduct business during the shutdown, prompting companies to adapt or risk losing a competitive edge.

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How SDDC Adds More Value to Your Cloud Strategy

Using the cloud effectively requires developing a cloud strategy. Your company should be working to align cloud models and services with your business goals and planning for the long term. However, many organizations that adopt the cloud fail to get the maximum value out of their cloud investment. 

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3 Ways Software-Defined Networking Meets Cloud Challenges

The cloud is only as good as its supporting network. Data needs to be transmitted from endpoints where it is generated to the cloud and to and from cloud environments and on-premises resourcesIn particular, hybrid cloud and multicloud environments benefit from a fast, responsive, and reliable network that connects different cloud instances.  

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How to Right-Size Storage With Software-Defined Data Center

Never before has it been more necessary to be able to allocate storage quickly and efficiently. However, provisioning storage resources can be a guessing game. When a company uses physical storage, provisioning it takes time and planning. IT leaders must estimate how much storage they need based on projected data capacity needs, which tend to grow exponentially. Time needs to be allotted for requisitioning the storage resources and implementing them. 

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