The Security Advantage: Protecting Your Business with IBM Power10

By Darrin Orton

Aug 14, 2023 12:00:00 PM

About 7 minutes

While IBM Power10 is recognized for its ability to meet the challenges of hybrid cloud computing, as well as its energy efficiency and processing power, companies may not be aware of the platform’s security capabilities. 

IBM Power10 delivers end-to-end security, providing an advantage for companies that want to develop a comprehensive security strategy in our time of increased risk

IBM Power10 users gain a security advantage from the platform’s multilayered approach to IT security that involves end-to-end security, security for hybrid cloud environments, and protection against application vulnerabilities. 

End-to-End Security With Power10 

IBM Power10 allows companies to increase their cybersecurity and decrease risk through integrated security that spans the technology stack. Some of the key security capabilities of Power10 include: 

End-to-End Encryption 

IBM Power solutions provide transparent memory encryption that is designed to support end-to-end security to meet today’s strict standards. IBM Power10 supports crypto acceleration, quantum-safe cryptography, and full homomorphic encryption to protect against emerging threats. Compared to IBM Power9, Power10 delivers accelerated encryption with 2.5x faster Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) performance per core and 4x more crypto engines in every core to accelerate encryption performance. 

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) 

Power10 protects against external threats and attacks on devices using endpoint detection and response (EDR). With its EDR software, Power10 can detect threats that pose a risk to vulnerable endpoints and respond to incidents, enabling seamless business continuity. 

Zero Trust 

IBM Power10 supports the Zero Trust principles of “never trust; always verify” through multifactor authentication (MFA) and least privilege access for securing APIs, endpoints, data, and hybrid cloud resources.  

Secure Boot

IBM Power10 comes with a platform module that measures all firmware components loaded on a server so they can be inspected and verified remotely using digital signatures.  

IBM PowerVM Enterprise Hypervisor

IBM PowerVM enterprise hypervisor secures virtual machines (VMs) and cloud environments more reliably than competing solutions with an order of magnitude of lower CVEs vs x86 hypervisors. 

Hybrid Cloud Security 

IBM Power10 was designed to be the foremost processor for enterprise hybrid cloud, so the platform delivers the performance and security needed to optimize hybrid cloud environments. Power10 promotes consistency in management, observability, and automation across hybrid cloud environments. 

Because IBM has the goal of making Red Hat OpenShift the default choice for hybrid cloud, IBM Power10 delivers hardware-based capacity and security enhancements for containers. Power10 provides hardware-enforced container protection and isolation. If a container is compromised, the Power10 processor prevents other containers in the same VM from being affected. 

Reducing Application Risk 

IBM Power10 reduces application risk through incremental application modernization and protection against application vulnerabilities. With Power10, companies can gradually update their AIX, IBM i, and Linux applications by extending them with cloud-native services. Methodical modernization drives transformation while minimizing risk.

Instead of waiting for patches for application vulnerabilities, Power10 users can proactively defend against new application vulnerabilities in real time. Power10 gives users dynamic execution register control so they can design applications that are more threat resistant without sacrificing performance.  

Why IBM Power10 for Security? 

With IBM Power10, companies can take a comprehensive and integrated approach to cybersecurity that eliminates the need for multiple point solutions to carry out a security strategy. With a platform that provides integrated security, companies can implement consistent security across their entire environment. 

ProActive Solutions offers IBM Power10 as part of our infrastructure capability solutions. We will work with your company using a consultative approach that uncovers your computing and security goals and finds the right leading solutions to meet them.

Take advantage of our consultative approach to uncover your computing and security goals. Find out how ProActive Solutions can help you leverage IBM Power10's integrated security features to achieve consistent protection across your entire environment.

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