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Why Data Resiliency Is Crucial in Hybrid Cloud Environments

The hybrid cloud is one of the most popular cloud models because of its flexibility and cost effectiveness. Forbesreported that hybrid cloud implementations are rising because they lead to operational efficiency, faster application development, and deeper business insights. 

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The Security Advantage: Protecting Your Business with IBM Power10

While IBM Power10 is recognized for its ability to meet the challenges of hybrid cloud computing, as well as its energy efficiency and processing power, companies may not be aware of the platform’s security capabilities. 

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Zero Trust Solutions

Zero Trust security is a strategy, not a solution. The Zero Trust approach to security is governed by 2 key principles:  

1) Never trust
2) Always verify 

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What Is Zero Trust Security?

Fighting the sophisticated threats in today’s risk landscape requires more than just security tools. To defend against both external and internal risks, your company must develop a cybersecurity strategy. A security strategy helps to shape the way your security solutions work together, creating a more comprehensive approach to preventing risk.

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