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How Are HCI and Hyperconverged Storage Different?

Technology news site reported that hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has evolved from a way to consolidate data center infrastructure resources to a springboard for hybrid cloud because of its cloud-like capabilities. Organizations are turning to HCI to optimize and simplify operations and automate management processes through a single pane of glass.

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What HCI Users Need to Know About Data Protection

No company is safe from natural disasters or data breaches. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have business continuity or disaster recovery (DR) solutions in place. The massive power outages in Texas this winter are a case in point. The power utility was not expecting severe winter weather and had to resort to rolling blackouts to prevent a total system failure.

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What Are Data Resiliency Solutions

Data resiliency solutions provide backup and recovery, replication, and disaster recovery. With data resiliency solutions, companies protect and secure mission-critical data. Data resiliency also protects data without interrupting production, ensuring seamless business continuity even after a natural disaster or system failure.

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