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How to Ensure Software-Defined Security

Recent acts of cyberterrorism have underscored the importance of raising your company’s IT security game. CNN reported a notable rise in cyberattacks, citing that in May 2021, hackers targeted the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies gas to the east coast of the U.S., and the food processor JBS USA, threatening the nation’s vital fuel and food supplies.

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3 Ways Software-Defined Networking Meets Cloud Challenges

The cloud is only as good as its supporting network. Data needs to be transmitted from endpoints where it is generated to the cloud and to and from cloud environments and on-premises resourcesIn particular, hybrid cloud and multicloud environments benefit from a fast, responsive, and reliable network that connects different cloud instances.  

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How to Support the Cloud With Software-Defined Networking

The way companies use cloud has been evolving. Organizations are turning to new types of cloud services and branching out into hybrid cloud and multicloud environments. This transformation in the way the cloud is being leveraged puts greater demands on the supporting network infrastructure. 

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