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Key Takeaways from RSAC 2024: How to Transform Threat Detection and Response

The RSA Conference is an opportunity for network security professionals to meet with industry experts face-to-face and take part in continuing education through participating in seminars and attending presentations by thought leaders.  

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The Future of IT: Navigating the World of Software-Defined Solutions

Burdened by the inescapable mandate to remain competitive, companies are investigating methods to advance in their digital transformation journey. While many organizations are working to modernize their IT infrastructure by embracing cloud models and services, adopting software-defined solutions helps companies evolve their on-premises technology environment by giving it cloud-like capabilities through software.

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How to Ensure Software-Defined Security

Recent acts of cyberterrorism have underscored the importance of raising your company’s IT security game. CNN reported a notable rise in cyberattacks, citing that in May 2021, hackers targeted the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies gas to the east coast of the U.S., and the food processor JBS USA, threatening the nation’s vital fuel and food supplies.

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