Cloud-Based Solutions From a Leader in Infrastructure Design

Discover how the cloud can transform your enterprise. Respond to change in an instant with cloud computing. Cloud solutions offer enterprises several competitive advantages, including reduced time to market for applications, lower infrastructure and maintenance costs, and quick access to innovative technologies. In other words, you can extend and deliver solutions and services to more people faster, and at a cost savings.  

ProActive can help your enterprise transition to the cloud with custom solutions created by a company with decades of experience in enterprise-scale infrastructure design.

Reduce Costs: Gain Efficiency and Flexibility

We are uniquely positioned to help our clients gain efficiency and flexibility with our custom-designed cloud solutions. Our years spent designing large-scale physical data centers have given ProActive a vast technology advantage that is evident in every cloud-based solution we design.

We continually leverage our industry knowledge to design the most efficient, cost-effective cloud solutions possible while giving our clients access to the best tools technology can offer

How We Help Our Clients

  1. We begin the process with an in-depth analysis . Our objective is to quickly gain a clear understanding of a client’s specific goals, current environment, and unique challenges.
  2. Next, we design a client-focused solution with the right mix of cloud services to support our client’s objectives.
  3. Clients can purchase their own cloud services through our simple marketplace. Or, have a ProActive expert set up and manage the cloud solution on the client’s behalf. 

Cloud Services

Application Migration Services

You can achieve better application performance, greater scalability, and higher cost-efficiency by migrating your applications to the cloud. However, the process is very complex and there are several risk factors to consider. Factors such as unexpected costs, new security gaps, and interoperability issues can threaten a successful cloud migration. 

We can evaluate your current environment and assess your specific risk factors . Then, we can craft and execute a custom migration strategy designed to mitigate your organization’s risk factors and meet or beat its goals. 

Cloud-based Storage and Data Protection

Storage and security are two of the biggest challenges that organizations face today. Enterprises are generating more valuable data than ever before. This increases the challenge of securing, storing, and analyzing data. 

Cloud-based data protection and storage is a comprehensive solution to the twin challenges of security and storage. The biggest advantages to cloud-based solutions are the flexibility to scale and grow as your organization gathers more data, and the access to intelligent and holistic security. 

Cloud-based Virtual Desktops

If your enterprise must meet compliance standards, or just has high security requirements, then cloud-based virtual desktops may be the right solution. Virtual desktops are simple to deploy, manage, secure, and monitor. Plus, they are less expensive to purchase and maintain than traditional desktop computers.

We can evaluate your organization’s requirements, then design and deploy an all-solutions virtual desktop infrastructure. Cloud-based virtual desktops offer enterprises increased security, while offering end users unfettered access to their applications and data. New desktops can be provisioned in minutes rather than hours. Cloud-based virtual desktops are simple to deploy, compliant and secure, and can yield cost savings of hundreds of dollars over desktop computers.

ProActive Cloud Benefits

If you work with ProActive to create your organization’s cloud solution, you’ll get:                           

  • A cloud-based solution custom designed by a ProActive cloud expert
  • A simple cloud marketplace for purchasing and managing your custom cloud solutions
  • Consolidated billing for easy cost management

Our goal is to offer clients an individualized, yet simple, cloud solution designed to meet their specific needs and support their stated objectives. Our years in the data center design industry have given us the unique ability to create cost-effective cloud-based solutions that meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations.

Call a ProActive dedicated cloud expert to request your no-obligation, in-depth cloud assessment.